Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nice Day Six: Rollerblading Along The Promenade

The post title says it all ready. After 3 days of catching trains about to one place or another, we decided to chill a bit for a day. 
If anyone's actually been from one end of the promenade to the other however, I think you'll agree its quite a distance. So rollerblading up and down might not exactly come under 'chilling'. 
After a while of rollerblading we decided to head back to the shop and swapped our rollerblades for other means of transport. I chose a longboard :D and Tom chose a scooter. Haha, we're such kids at heart...
A considerably smaller post compared to my other Nice posts!
FYI - I'm attempting to finish these Nice posts before Saturday, because I could potentially be going away Saturday to West Wales! Then when I'm back on the Wednesday I should be straight off to Boomtown festival from Thursday 7th to Monday 11th!
I can't even imagine the amount of posts I'll have to do when I'm back home.                                        Exciting!!!! 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Just Another Film

Poor preserved butterfly..
More photos than I know what to do with.. Which ones do you like?

Nice Film Five

Some stupid kid is crying outside my window so I'm currently blocking his noise out with the Boiler Room I COULD OF GONE TO during my time in Ibiza.

Now that I'm back from Ibiza I seem to have an overwhelming amount of film needed to be developed. (10 rolls in total) to try and punch a hole in the load I got 3 films developed the other day, one of them being from the underwater camera. 
The photos today are from my last film from Nice. I didn't use up the whole film whilst out there so that's why there are not many photos in this post. Enjoy :)

Polar bears!! :O
Biot beach - near Marineland
Cheeky grin..
The live music we had whilst having dinner out.
This photo is probably my favourite photo out of the whole film. An empty airport lit up by natural light... gah ^u^

Look out for another post today, which has the rest of the film roll on it :)

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Ibiza Day One: Straight to Sankeys

The Ibiza posts are beginning!! I can't wait any longer to show you the photos. 
I soon realized whilst out there that this holiday was going to be completely different in comparison to Nice. I guess it went under the category of a friend's holiday, since we were living in an apartment with 8 other people all of whom we knew, plus another five or more people staying in local hostels. This resulted in me taking a lot less photos than I anticipated - around 350 on the DSLR and 2 and a half rolls of film and 1 and a half rolls of underwater photos :) oh yeah and a few snaps on a smart phone... - There was a lot more lazing about on this holiday, partly due to the fact we had a terrace on our floor, so most mornings and evenings were spent laying about listening to music and chatting. 
It was quite a nice change though, we did less of the touristy things and relaxed more. Spent days by the cliffs, visiting beaches, going to clubs (of course.. it was Ibiza). 

Anyway that's enough of an introduction.. The first day out in Ibiza doesn't really count as a day, as it was the 16th - the day we spent travelling. However, once we arrived in Ibiza we ended up heading out for a night out, so to me it counts :)
 Watching the sunset on the plane made me so happy.
It's only when all you can see is sky that you notice to gradual change of colours... 
From blue to green to yellow to orange to pink to red...
 Taxi ride to Sankeys..
We left the club around 2.30am and headed to Westend the main "strip" so to speak, full of clubs, bars and god knows what else...

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Nice Day Five: Parc Phoenix

All I want to do right now is smash through lots and lots of posts. Get like 3 or 4 done today so that I'm set for the rest of the week. 
Right here right now at ten to ten on a Saturday morning with my blocked nose, dry cough, sitting in my red vest top and pajama legs, slowly heating up in my heat-trap of a bedroom, lets begin a post.. wahay.

Nice Day Five... Parc Phoenix

Quick I must grab another box of tissues!
After visiting Cannes and Monaco there wasn't really another place we immediately knew to visit, after a browse over of a map we spotted a place called Parc Phoenix in Nice St Augustine, so we popped on a train and made our way there!
Bonjour Joey
 We arrived to the park hungry, so as soon as we spotted a place to eat we dived in.
 The botanical gardens inside the park was my favourite part I think.
Tropical plants, tropical animals all in a bright, light, luscious green environment. 
Back outside we walked around, taking a look at all the cool animals and birds.
 Back home finally we chilled for a bit and then headed back out in Nice to grab some food to eat.
I'm not entirely sure why Tom looks like he's finished eating and my food looks untouched, but I remember this food being divine!!
After food we headed out to the Promenade to stroll along the beach while the sun set.. cute!
 Tired and ready for bed.
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