Thursday, 8 October 2015

What I Did in September

Hello. Just a quick post with only a few pics. Today has been an ok day so far. I put money into savings and came home to a letter from Agnese :) Plans are to scan in my Croatia photos (blog post coming up!!) and I think I might work on my Diana Mini book a bit more before heading to see Tom at the shop. Oh dang and I mustn't forget about French!! All the best :)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Film: September 2015

Good evening!! I totally just realised I have photos I can post without doing a time consuming post (in which I have to get photos from different files and put them in order) yay!! Here below are a bunch of photos taken on the Diana Mini from a bunch of days throughout the month of September. They were on the same film as my last lot of Boomtown photos - taken so that I could indeed get it all developed. These photos make me very happy because they're from random nights out in which I spent with friends. I will try to continue packing rolls of film with photos similar to these *happy memories*

Promener le chien avec Rose et Agnese
 Un repas avec Agnese, Rose et Josie
 Night out in Vaults avec Tom et Rose:
 Green Velvet in Welsh Clwb avec Tom:
 Damn you film finish already:

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Boomtown Festival 2015

Hello...! It's a new month and finally I have caught up on developing film (kinda). 
Last month I feel like it was full of work... The weathers been beautiful lately, although the mornings are forever cold.. And hey guess what! I bought myself a bike :)) A fold-able bike! It's so nifty and I'm so happy to be cycling about again. Although the one week its been sunny everyday I haven't been on it because I got a punctured tire :( But it's all fixed now. So it's October now and once again I've become overwhelmed with nights out! Last Saturday I went Vaults, Wednesday I went Welsh Clwb, tonight I'm going Undertone and then I have another 4 events lined up this month haha! It's not my fault loads of really good people are playing in Cardiff :( 
I don't know what else to say so I guess I'll start on this post. 


Taken on the Diana Mini + Minolta

Day One:
Thursday was an early start, I can't remember quite how early but I'm sure we got up around 5am and our coach was at 7am. We arrived at Boomtown and then began the long long queuing (in the rain). At first everyone was just sitting down in a half respectable line and then suddenly people started getting up and sprinting to the front, creating one big hub of people all squashed together trying to carry all our shit, and by this point it was very heavy rain, it was quite hilarious to be fair.. Eventually we made it through all the queues and started on our hunt to find a camping spot. In the end we chose up a big hill in Trenchtown overlooking the Lions Den, it was perfect to be honest! We quickly set up tents in the rain and then went on a hunt for some food and a wander about.
Soon it was time to get ready and head out into the town. There was no headliners playing Thursday night so it was more of an opportunity to explore Boomtown's wonders....
Day Two:
Friday midday Stephen Marley was headlining the Lion's Den so after some food we followed the masses of crowd to the stage. For the whole day we basically just chilled listening to the music from the stage. In the afternoon me and Tom went for a bit of a wander and then headed back to the Lion's Den for Shy FX and Stamina MC, and with that the night began...
Shy FX crowd from by the tent..
Taking photos on the ferris wheel..
Day Three:
This is the weather we woke up to. It was so nice we took our mattress out to lay in the sun.
Nose bleed :(
Glitter overload!!
Day Four:
Last day/night in Boomtown.
Boomtown was something special! Literally as soon as it finishes I want to make sure I go again next year (I'll try!!) Here's the Aftermovie for yall :)

Lots of love and I'll make sure to bring you my Dimensions Festival post very soon!!!
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