Saturday, 17 March 2018

Film: March 2018

I got paid yesterday hence why I finally have pictures to post. This film captures our snowy adventures around Castell Coch and Cardiff. It was so much fun but I'm not terribly happy that it's gotten all cold again and we are due more snow tonight two weeks after this heap! It was 12 degrees yesterday and sunny and I was so happy because I thought Spring was here but nope! Monday me and Tom are going away for four days and I cannot wait! So far all I know is that it is around the same temperature as here... I will of course post when back home.
Enjoy the pictures!!


Film: February 2018

Pictures from February taken on my Ricoh.

Film: December 2017 - March 2018

Probably the shortest roll of film I've ever got developed and it still took me 4 months to take the pictures below.
It's fair to say maybe I'm not finding the will to use my Diana Mini as much as before. Which is a shame because the book I have for all my pictures is my favourite and I would love to finish it one day.

The reason this film is so short is because it decided to get caught on the first picture I took while out for my birthday - just my luck! I think it might be to do with the frames changing from square to rectangle which must of been done by accident... Ah well! I thought I would develop the film anyways because I've had it for so long and maybe just maybe I'll start new roll soon as I'll be in London at the start of April.

More posts are coming with pictures from my Ricoh, they're beautiful!!



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