Saturday, 18 November 2017

What I Did In October

Here is a peek inside my life during the month of October. I know I am writing this post so late! I just haven't had a chance to do this. I'm appreciating the time today! 
Its getting cold now but not too cold. I'm really enjoying the weather most days actually. The flat isn't too chilly yet either or maybe we're just ignoring it well with big warm cardigans and lots of tea... 
Times going by a lot faster now that there's no big holidays to plan. Only simple weekend events and trips here and there. I'm enjoying it really. Holiday planning is stressful especially when you are trying to think about 5 at once.... 
I'm trying to make myself relax more because sometimes I just can't wind down and get annoyed when I'm not doing something. Even if it means just curling on the sofa and watching some silly movie it helps to do it! 
I'll leave you now with these pictures and the promise of more. Eventually...


Autumn Colours On Caerphilly Mountain

Finally an afternoon free in the apartment, even though there are builders working outside my windows. I was hoping they'd be off as its a Saturday.. 
I've got a nice little gap in between my essays where I have sent off the last one and haven't yet begun the next one. So for a few days I have the chance to do things I have not done in a while. 
I really can't wait for all this building work to be done... I miss having time during the days in the apartment to myself. At the moment I can rarely be home during the day because the builders are either in our flat or outside the windows. Being in the library has taken over my life to the point where I have run out of things to do there! 
But today I don't care because I miss writing for myself! And I realised I have pictures waiting to be put on here. 
These lot are from a nice day off me and Tom had together, the Autumn weather has been so lovely the past few weeks! We went for a walk up to Caerphilly Mountain. Enjoy! I'll have another post coming shortly.


Tuesday, 31 October 2017

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