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How To Tell A Story With Just A Photo

Going to LEGOLAND on Friday XD yayayyayayay!! :P It is going to be well wiked XP. Going to go with my brother and dad and we have to drive all the way to winsor in England and then spend a day there and then stay in a motel and then drive home the next day. :D Yahooo!! :) 12 days till going to west wales!! :D And guess what!!! They have wifi there so I will bring my DSi and keep yall up dated in west wales!! XD the excitement beworlds be!! :O :D Trying to print off photos from Josie's birthday to put in Ella's scrapbook but my printer is crap and makes the photo too dark, trying to print out this photo:
Really like it cos everybody is in it apart from me, emmanual and Shaun. :D That was such a good day. but also a sad day because it was the last time I saw Ella untill the start of Year 11. OMG I am going to be a super nerd in year 11. Honestly, even though i am one already!! :B I really kind of want the new form now - but they cancelled it because apparently it would make the other side of the year too big or something like that. So I am going to ask if i can move to GM because I am on my own in HP because Rose is never in so i just sit there like a LONER! :l I really want to go see the Motorbike Red Bull thing in london that they advertise in cinemas. (its in London) It looks apsolutly amazing, but its on the day before I go to west wales so pooey. plus i really want to see knight and day in the cinema with camereon diaz and tom cruize I think thats how you spell his name.... but thats coming out on the day before i leave to go to west wales and it will probably be really busy on its release date. but it looks so ggoood. Wow i am babling.... i think i am going to go play Harvest Moon... or Sims 2... :l Hmmm. Going thats 4 sure
Bye XD xxxx

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