Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Could A Photo Capture A Scream?

Hollah! Went to Ooakwood today! Super fun, went on speed 6 times and went on megaphobia, bounce, treetops - not hydro - and VERTIGO :D with my brother, he loved it - so did i, it was my 4th time on it and was sooo much fon. :) But he got scared off speed and wouldn't go on it again, so I had to go on the other 4 times on my own. But it was okay, the queues were really small because I went on the ride from between 5 and 6 when people were leaving. Got a photo from vertigo LOL. Played badminton withmy brother till like 9.30pm just now. Well tis the low down. Peaceout.

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