Sunday, 8 August 2010

What Has Eight Legs And Makes People Go Ah!?

I have had 2 experiences with spiders so far! The first one was yesterday when I was in the bathroom. I was drying off when I saw this HUGE spider. It was the one that had a body the size of a pea, but really long legs. So I screamed and jumped up on to this place you sit on to dry and opened the door so it blocked anything from coming to where i was hiding, then I called mum, mum, mum over and over again untill she came, scooped it up and popped it outside. Now my second encounter was this morning. I was opening my bedroom window to let in some fresh air, but when i opened it this minature tirantula fell down onto the window sill, so i screamed and called out mum mum mum, but then my dad came and chucked it out the window! :D
Just came back from a walk to the beach, its round the corner to my cottage. My brother was whining like a dog with a broken foot, on and on and on and on... Really pissing me off, so he got carried half the way back. Going to a bigger beach this afternoon, in New Quey. Gonna be fuuuun. XD.

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