Wednesday, 1 September 2010


OMG had an amazing dream that I went sky diving yesterday. It was so cool xD. So I have promised myself that I will defonatly go sky diving for my 18th birthday :D yay. I even asked my mum and she said ok :P I made her promise me also that she will arrange either surfing or snow boarding lessons for me because i really want to learn one of them xD. LML (Love My Life) xD I want to do crazy stuff because I'd rather die knowing I've lived and haven't had a boring straight forward life - because wheres the fun in that :P
Peace Out Loved Ones


  1. I absolutely love your thought on living life. That exactly how I feel. Which i was in the UK at your age. I would have done sow much. I am here now so let the good times roll.

  2. Yeah, still stuck on the sky diving, there is NO way i am not doing that. :D


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