Friday, 22 October 2010

A Bit Of Everything

Was late today and spoiled my I am going to be early all week plan, good news - sleep over Aggie's but actually go to watch paranormal activity 2 and then sleepover plan is going ahead, but uncertain whether Ella is sleeping over :( We want to sneak out to the park by Agnese house at like midnight and take photos xD, would be AMAZING :)  Yay me, hmmm PARIS SOON :) yay me. I am going to some underground tomb with walls made of bones and skulls of dead Parisians or something like that :) Yay sounds fuuuuuun xD exciting, going to see the Eiffel Tower and all that too YAY ME. :)
my computer just switched itself off because its a piece of shit :( So I am on Agnese's computer and she waiting patiently for me to get off :) Made a pack lunch today :) Its nice, tuna sandwich, crisps and some marshmallow thing, then I will buy tomato soup in school and hot choco, yay xD yum yum, so excited for tonight but have to go :(

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