Friday, 30 July 2010

At This Very Exact Moment

Hey just thought I let you know what is going on atm.
2morrow going to Big Weekend with Agnese
Sometime next week going to Lego Land
Just been to Margem Park on some Go Ape thing - search it up
Going to west wales v soon :D = OAKWOOD :D
Just thought I would let yaal know XD

Monday, 26 July 2010

How To Tell A Story With Just A Photo

Going to LEGOLAND on Friday XD yayayyayayay!! :P It is going to be well wiked XP. Going to go with my brother and dad and we have to drive all the way to winsor in England and then spend a day there and then stay in a motel and then drive home the next day. :D Yahooo!! :) 12 days till going to west wales!! :D And guess what!!! They have wifi there so I will bring my DSi and keep yall up dated in west wales!! XD the excitement beworlds be!! :O :D Trying to print off photos from Josie's birthday to put in Ella's scrapbook but my printer is crap and makes the photo too dark, trying to print out this photo:
Really like it cos everybody is in it apart from me, emmanual and Shaun. :D That was such a good day. but also a sad day because it was the last time I saw Ella untill the start of Year 11. OMG I am going to be a super nerd in year 11. Honestly, even though i am one already!! :B I really kind of want the new form now - but they cancelled it because apparently it would make the other side of the year too big or something like that. So I am going to ask if i can move to GM because I am on my own in HP because Rose is never in so i just sit there like a LONER! :l I really want to go see the Motorbike Red Bull thing in london that they advertise in cinemas. (its in London) It looks apsolutly amazing, but its on the day before I go to west wales so pooey. plus i really want to see knight and day in the cinema with camereon diaz and tom cruize I think thats how you spell his name.... but thats coming out on the day before i leave to go to west wales and it will probably be really busy on its release date. but it looks so ggoood. Wow i am babling.... i think i am going to go play Harvest Moon... or Sims 2... :l Hmmm. Going thats 4 sure
Bye XD xxxx

Thursday, 22 July 2010

A Picture Always Starts With Words

Just came back from work an hour or so ago. I am really getting into writing on blogger, I guess it's just because I have so much more time. Peter (my brother) will come back soon and I'm going to ask him if he wants to take the bike and skates out round the streets and like time ourselves - we've made a route that is really really fun. :D I am so childish, but it's good that I get on with my brother - most of the time - ;D Going to west wales in a few weeks and I really cannot wait. It's so so peaceful where we stay, it's like this old fashioned cottage in the middle of a forest with a really nice beach like down the road and I just want to chill and read for the whole week. Plus we get to bring our dog with us, so he doesn't have to stay at the kennels. But we still have to take our cat there. :l I think I am going to play Harvest Moon on my game cube now. :D I really like. Call me sad, but it's a really good farming game and I think it's really cute and sweet. So yeah. Plus I always did want to be a farmer. :B tara now. XD

Confusion Always Leads To Understanding

Went to see Inception yesterday with Arman - the film was so so so good, I loveed it :) Saw a lot of people from school as well. The cinema was so so packed and we were so lucky to even get into the movie - as soon as we bought our tickets the status of the film changed to limited seats!! :D We were so happy we got in we high 5'd XD The film was so good, but very confusing. :l So I really cannot explain - but I understood it, yeah I got what was happening and all that. :D Grrr my split ends are annoying me so so much. :P See yall later. :P

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

I Dream For The Truth

Going to work now! :P
had a dream that even though I only work till 3 they kept me until 5. But I didn't say anything because I didn't want to be rude! XD. Funnily enough the shop was in the middle of school and I remember asking a teacher why everyone was sitting on the feild and she said because theres a fan there to keep them cool from the heat! :l RANDOM... :)

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Summer Holdidays: Grey Sky all the way.

Six week holidays are great! Sit and watch TV all day. Try and arrange something with mates but fail. Play on video games. Watch through the window watching the rain, longing for it to stop so you can go out. Watch your friends go away on exotic holidays for the whole summer and return beak asking what you got up to. Having to look after brothers because mum and dad are still at work. Exellent. :D

Now can I Die?

Before I die I want to:
  • Learn how to snowboard
  • Learn how to surf
  • Learn how to grind on rollerblades
  • Learn how to sky dive
  • Travel to all the continents of the world
  • See a wild tiger
  • Have a pet frog
  • Have a pet lizard
  • Live in France for a year
  • Sky dive at least 5 times
  • Visit the best roller coaster park in the world
  • Ride on the top 10 scariest roller coasters
  • Learn how to ride a motorbike
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