Wednesday, 25 August 2010


Just had a very interesting conversation with my dad that made me hate this world. I wish I lived in the time where there were only tribes of say a hundred people give or take, the first point where civilisation started, where people used to trade goods for other goods not money, or where people lived the simplest of lives happy. You could have your fair share of food clothes, shelter... it started where I wondered how much money you would need to share out evenly to everyone in the world to make them happy. I mentioned this to my dad and he went on a huge rant about something or other, but when he was saying those things I wanted to cry, because this world is so so so screwwed and messed up.
Yes i had a depression moment

Monday, 23 August 2010

Am I Not Making This Clear Enough?

Doing photogranophy :) Working hard on photography so far I have the letters, well see for your self ::D
Ta daaa!! :) Quite good huh? Just been told that people are going to some curcus thing after results?! Ookay... Then I thought, but what if we had terrible results people won't be in the mood to go to a circus, sadly I already have plans, but I am finding out more about it now :)

The Perfect Basket??

ELLA I have found THE perfect basket for you :D

Doesn't it look totally awsome, I found it in st fagans, you could carry me in there!! :) Unfortunatly you need some big metal poll to keep in place and somehow I don't think they make baskets like that anymore XD. But that is offically the most awsome basket EVER :D Man it was huge, i was like right, ella's looking for a basket, i'll take a photo of this for a laugh! :D Speak to you later today hopefully :)

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Could A Photo Capture A Scream?

Hollah! Went to Ooakwood today! Super fun, went on speed 6 times and went on megaphobia, bounce, treetops - not hydro - and VERTIGO :D with my brother, he loved it - so did i, it was my 4th time on it and was sooo much fon. :) But he got scared off speed and wouldn't go on it again, so I had to go on the other 4 times on my own. But it was okay, the queues were really small because I went on the ride from between 5 and 6 when people were leaving. Got a photo from vertigo LOL. Played badminton withmy brother till like 9.30pm just now. Well tis the low down. Peaceout.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Ra aw

Going to OAKWOOD on Thursday, I have persuaded my brother to go on Ventigo with me its going to be gooood. We will be leaving at 8.30 and get there around 10. Then we can stay till 6 and get back around 7.30 YAY ME :D Went to another beach yesterday, called Mwnt, the waves were huge and we got loads of chances the surf them... on our body boards.. ;D watching dinosaur king atm :P Peace out

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Still Got Sand Between My Toes

Just came back from New Quay, spent half the day at the beach! It was good fun, went in the sea was very cold but was worth seeing Peter get wet and scream :D Then we made some tower thing and got ice creams and chips, the tipical day at the beach!

I love blogger, its a really good way to let out anything that you wouldn't want to talk about with someone face to face. For example if you are really sad or unhappy about something, but don't want to seem needy by telling someone about it and going on and on. You can just write about it and atleast if people find it boring they DON'T HAVE TO READ IT... Then at least you feel better, instead of keeping to yourself. :)

What Has Eight Legs And Makes People Go Ah!?

I have had 2 experiences with spiders so far! The first one was yesterday when I was in the bathroom. I was drying off when I saw this HUGE spider. It was the one that had a body the size of a pea, but really long legs. So I screamed and jumped up on to this place you sit on to dry and opened the door so it blocked anything from coming to where i was hiding, then I called mum, mum, mum over and over again untill she came, scooped it up and popped it outside. Now my second encounter was this morning. I was opening my bedroom window to let in some fresh air, but when i opened it this minature tirantula fell down onto the window sill, so i screamed and called out mum mum mum, but then my dad came and chucked it out the window! :D
Just came back from a walk to the beach, its round the corner to my cottage. My brother was whining like a dog with a broken foot, on and on and on and on... Really pissing me off, so he got carried half the way back. Going to a bigger beach this afternoon, in New Quey. Gonna be fuuuun. XD.

Whats The Use Of A Heart If It Can't Beat?

Had the most amazing dream last night that made me realise that i really want a boyfriend. :( The dream, it was so beautiful and perfect it makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I know i will find some one who loves me just as much as i'll love them eventually, but its the when part that really annoys me. I haven't had a boy friend for over a year now and I think i am ready for a decent relationship. FML.
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