Friday, 22 October 2010

A Bit Of Everything

Was late today and spoiled my I am going to be early all week plan, good news - sleep over Aggie's but actually go to watch paranormal activity 2 and then sleepover plan is going ahead, but uncertain whether Ella is sleeping over :( We want to sneak out to the park by Agnese house at like midnight and take photos xD, would be AMAZING :)  Yay me, hmmm PARIS SOON :) yay me. I am going to some underground tomb with walls made of bones and skulls of dead Parisians or something like that :) Yay sounds fuuuuuun xD exciting, going to see the Eiffel Tower and all that too YAY ME. :)
my computer just switched itself off because its a piece of shit :( So I am on Agnese's computer and she waiting patiently for me to get off :) Made a pack lunch today :) Its nice, tuna sandwich, crisps and some marshmallow thing, then I will buy tomato soup in school and hot choco, yay xD yum yum, so excited for tonight but have to go :(

Sunday, 17 October 2010

My Cat, A Dog, And A Motorbike

 He wants someone to throw his ball 

 A motorbike made entirely of lego!

 She looks comfortable

 She's biting my finger!

 Ha ha she looks funny xD

 Me, cringe xD

 The strap of my camera

 Look at her teeth

 Ah she looks so cute :)

 Wow, her eye is messed up xD

 A big cat grin xD

 I like this one xD

 She ain't letting go :)

 Shes tired now!! 

 Ah :)

<3 Crystal <3

Monday, 11 October 2010

Monday, 4 October 2010

Made In Cardiff

Haven't wrote in awhile, soz about that xD nothing really to say ... xD just doing xD faces, lool. Pranked called Damien today (me and Ella) and it was soooo funny, we were just silent and then he started pretending he was some kebab shop owner and was like asking us for our order. WTF. We prank called you you idiot. :l We just pissed ourselves. Lool. I've been going out a lot, went to see Made In Dagenham with Agnese yesterday and today me and Ella finally gave each other our scrapbooks (L) (L)
Peace out xx
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