Friday, 13 May 2011

Once Again I Remembered

Hi you guys missed me? I haven't wrote in here in ages!!! I was coming close to deleting it, but man I get so many views that would be stupid! So some shiz has gone down in school, but I am not letting it bother me and try as those people like they are not affecting me one bit because I am one strong mofo. So yeah they are basically wasting there time coming up to me asking for an apology. I am not sorry tho. What were they expecting me to write compliments. Anyway w/e I couldn't care less anymore they mean zilch to me and soon I will never have to see their faces again. So that is the end of the end. I will try to post on here a bit more, because I know you miss me my lovelies. So speak soon yes yes. The only trouble is. This is blog has nothing really to offer. I'll tell you what if I have no idea who you are and you have no relations to my friends/people I know. Then how about I let you lovelies on my private blog which is more about my life and EVERYTHING that is happening. So it's a lot more interesting than this randomness. Ok well I am pretty knackered. So I shall wish you a dear sleep and speak soon hopefully. :D

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