Sunday, 29 May 2011


pretty boring day. Tomorrow is going to be boring as fock too.... Oh well... Bluh ;) I am so looking forward for 6th Form so bloody much. Don't really know why. I am going to be the biggest nerd ever. ;) Library wed, thurs, fri and sat. Love the fact I am spending it with the gang. They make it so much more fun. But I do work I pwomise. I best not be kicked out on Thursday cos apparently like the whole history peeps are coming library after some revision shiz. So I will sit with them but if they tell me to leave I will say hell to the no. They can fack off. I am in a crazy mood. I am so fed up of being labled. Ahh... Not that any of you will understand where I am going with this. Cos it's too weird to explain. I am starting to realise A LOT about myself. I suppose it's good. But it's shit when I can't do anything about it... 

excuse me your a hell of a guy 

yes i did yes i did 
someone please tell him who the eff i is.

Do you want to kick it in the back seat

So I can be a back seat driver 

Ah I am just writing down any lyrics I can pick up from songs ROFL.<- I'm not really. LOL.<- I am not really either :L 
Going to go watch The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Now. Au Revoir. :P

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