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Ok so here's a simple tutorial to using Cbox. Even though its pretty straight forward. Ok so
Stage 1
Ok so the name! Write any name you want. Doesn't have to be your real name but if you want me to reply I suggest your real name would be useful!
Stage 2
The email/url. When you send the message, I can get to the link by pressing on your name. This will be useful if you would like me to check out your blog or reply to you via email.
Stage 3
The message! Anything you want to tell me, or say about my blog. It's up to you.
And then once you have written your message simply press the Go button and the message will appear in the section above! 
Below the message section, there are three options saying, help. smilies. cbox. 
Help will tell you all about the use of Cbox and what you can get out of it, so here it shows how to write in bold, italics, colour change etc.
You can view all the smilies available and if you want one in your message simply click on the smilie and it'll be on your message.
This will link you to the website where you can sign up and get your own cbox. It's absolutely free so there's no reason why not! 
Ok so now there is no reason for you not to comment :D Bye X


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