Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Couldn't Help Myself!

Did a lil bit more shopping today - just getting ya know everything I didn't yesterday ;) Here are the pictures:

Top - Primark Skirt - H&M
Don't know where the belts from its actually Ella's tee hee :D Bought the top yesterday just to make the skirt into an outfit. I like it! I think it's so cute and maybe I'll wear it to universal studios but I am scared the skirt will fly up because it the photo I am actually pulling it back, so really its a lot looser. Anyway I am babbling...

Shoes - Primark
Just some simple pimple sandals. Nothing special. Ignore my chipped green nail polish... Really need to remove that... :P

Here's just a picture of them without the feet :D

Shoes - Primark
Yeah I know I am going on a Primark Shopping Spree I CAN'T HELP MYSELF OK ITS ALL SO FRIGGING CHEAP! Anyway. Yeah these were like £2.50!! Just some simple trainers LOL. Probably wear them whenever I am not wearing sandals... makes sense.. :D

And here's them again without any feet. Don't know why I took these photos. Just made sense at the time I guess. 
OMG MADE IN CHELSEA :( Just watched the last episode. So sad I was crying... well you know tearing up. Ok I cried a bit DON'T JUDGE ME :P It was so sad I was so sad for Spencer. Run RUUUUUN. He didn't get there in time. She flew away :O so sad :'(

America soon!! This is the last night I will sleep before I am in America. Hell to the no I am not sleeping tomorrow! Bitch I have so much left to do :O Oh well. I ain't even tired atm. Cbf sleeping... Oh well... I am all packed. Gonna end this post now :P Night X

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