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Couldn't Replace Them

omg what a day!! Arrived just on time for the welsh exam - went shit - then me and the gang went to blackweir - this like big area with a river and woods and fields, to chill and me, Habbiba and Samiya decided to walk across this huge river. LMAO. 
Thats Samiya on the left then Habbiba then me.
And so we eventually made it in like 45 minutes, with our trousers all wet and everything, and thank fully no one slipped. Well Habbiba did once and everyone found overly hilarious :L Then we decided to play hide and seek in the forest and me and Habbiba were a pair and we took it so seriously. And we weren't even found :| Cos we were so good xD So then we sat on a field for a while and then went back to school and sat and ate and I threw bread at the seagulls and one caught it mid-air!! So cool :B and then we went to RE exam and after that we trekked back to blackweir and went on an exploration trip, like literally all the whole crew!! So amazing and then we went to sit by this slope ok and firstly the girls were paddling in the water and then I caught a tadpole!!! I know!! It had legs too and was really big and then Samiya tripped in the water and then Sumo - a friend (summaya) fought her in the water. Oh go on this link and watch the video. It's hilarious. So then Habbiba had a go, but the video isn't up yet and she fell and slid all the way down. Oh my I was literally pissing myself. And they did it a few more times and we are all planning to do it tomorrow after our maths exam. So yeah and so Sumo, Samiya and Habbiba were soaking. Then we all eventually walked into town and then me, Samiya and Hibo went to the library and I worked for like an hour and then walked home. Such a lush day. I ♥'d it so much. Oh yeah and we were walking to town like through this huge park and Habbiba was whipping people and this one guy on a bike turned around and came and shouted at her. LOOOL. So funny. I actually love these guys. They are so fucking hilarious and truly the bestest friends you could ask for ♥

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