Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dangerously Dizzy

LOL did no revision yesterday and just chilled outside Cardiff Castle with Habbiba, Samiya, Sayda, Arnissa and Nimo... Did no work and ended up getting a massive sun burn :( Habbiba got banned from the library for two weeks. Like after the exams shes allowed back :L So yeah. What did we do. Just talk and sleep and run away from some drunk guy... LOL. Quite funny tbh. Yeah that's about all... Attempted to sneak into a movie, but it was quite a fail so I went home. So tired. I think I should go get ready to go to the library now... On my own. I tried to convince Riyhad to come but nooooo.... ¬ ¬ Oh well ;D I'll have fun! Speak later X

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