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Funny, Funny, Funny

Today was so fun, planned a lot with Habbiba about travelling Europe during a gap year after collage - so want to do that, and also about going Benidorm sometime late next year! So excited. travelling Europe would be so amazing! So funny in the library today. LMFAO. I laughed so much. I shall explain why:

  • Well firstly Habbiba was listening to music and then all of a sudden she shouts out WAAAIIT!!! And I was like wtf? For what and we just pissed ourselves for ages because it was so random. 
  • Then Habbiba was putting water in her mouth and like gritting her teeth and looking down and seeing if the water would go through, and she just ended up dribbling everywhere. LMFAO. 
  • Then these bunch of kids were in the library like Yr 6, and they walked past and one of them goes to Habbiba Errr... And we were just staring at them pissing ourselves. LOL.
  • And then the lady receptionist came over and told us to stop being noisy or she'll kick us out and then she said on the speaker thing for a body guard to come to our floor - to kick us out, so we grabbed like all our stuff - and there was a lot and legged it to the end of the floor and then it felt like we were playing hide and seek with the body guards because they were searching for us. LOOL. In the end they gave up and we just chilled on floor 5. 
Toooo funny. :P I have two exams tomorrow! :O Welsh and RE. Both subjects I despise greatly. I am going to bed now. Oh how exciting ;) For me anyway. It's so early. Yes that is the reason why I am excited to go to bed because it's so early. ;P oh shut up Louise. Ait then. Good Night X

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