Monday, 6 June 2011

I Hate You Maths. Go Die.

Urh! My maths exam was not good. >:( It was just poop. A big pile of poop. Then after it me and Ella ran to the library and then she left and it was me, Habbiba, Damian, Sherice, Sami, Nadira and Sayda and we chilled and tried Iced Tea - it taste's like coke flavoured tip tops. Mmm, it's alright. Then me and Habbiba chased some lady to get some more LOLOLOL but we didn't get any :( Then we walked home. Lardedar. Pretty crap day tbh. I hate maths so much. Why did I resit. WHHHHHHHY!!! >:( Ok well I am hungry so I am going to eat. Bye X

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