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^^ That's for any google chromers, theres some funky apps on there that make browsing a lot easier. Check the ones I got:

Just a blog thing that allows to to publish a link straight from the site your at. Useful I suppose, and the other (which is the thing shown in the picture) is just some notes thing. And the best thing its all absolutely free!! Well I am sure some you have to buy. So yeah basically that's the link to get those above, but I think you have to be using Google Chrome. Like moi YAY! So tired. I am actually tempted to just sleep now...

Well I had two exams today, IT paper 2 in the morning, and then Welsh after lunch. We were isolated again... Didn't mind that much. OMG just remembered I got my year photos ^_^ YAY After the exams we went to Blackweir. OMG It was so sad :'( Basically there was a mummy and daddy swan and 4 babies and you know how in Blackweir theirs like a slope of water, well it was really deep and so much more faster today and the current was to strong and 3 of the baby ducks fell down :O so they were all stuck at the bottom, and then we decided to rescue them, but they were afraid, then they climbed up onto the dry area by us and I grabbed one and carried it ^_^ IT WAS SO FURRY AND CUTE <3 So so so so so cute, then I popped it in the water and the parents hissed a respected thank you I KNOW IT ¬ ¬. So yeah but then!! The other 4th baby had slid down but on the wrong side and so me and Arnissa went across to go get it and I was so so close but then it swam away far away and I was going to go get it, but then Habbiba came with my bag so I decided to leave too. :( Poor thing. I really want to work in the RSPCA now <3 So tired... 

Tomorrow we are doing some revision shiz after my geography exam in Roath Park Library, I'll probably sleep, we'll also try to proper plan this summer. The weather is gonna be so crap 2morrow. LOOK: 

BOOHOO :( Really looking forward to Aqsa's Non Prom :D Its gonna be gooood. We gonna play Wii, twister PUMP THA MUSIC. Eat pizza chillax in her garden. Gonna be well good. <3 Love those guys so much. Ok speak laters X

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