Saturday, 11 June 2011

Just One Day Of Many

OMG!! Slept so much last night! I went to bed like 9 and woke up 8.30 I think... I had to try on all my clothes to see which ones I needed to get rid off = a lot of it. I never realised how much clothes I had that didn't even fit me. It was quite amusing trying them on... So yeah then I had a phone call from a Jamal something I think it was Jamal Bernard lol xD asking from Habbiba if I was going library so I told him to tell her I would be around 11. So then 11.30 I got there and Habbiba and Sayda was there on the computers so I went to sit down at a table and started working, Nimo arrived around 12 and at 1 there was a performance which was quite funky and cute, so Nimo got an album and got them to sign it xD LMAO she was being such a fan. So I worked until... 5.30 and Sayda and Habbiba stayed on the computers like all day looking for stuff to do in the summer. We I suggested this thing called Go Ape, its basically its this really fun thing but turns out it's really complicated and for every 5 people we need one 18 yr old!! D: So we don't know. And we would have to take a train and a bus to get there... But it would be fun, if we could get it to happen... i'll ring up some day. Have a stupid IT and Media exam clash on Monday... Basically means I am going to be followed around all day and isolated from everyone... Fuck sake. How am I not going to be able to talk to anyone. I think once I am allowed to talk again I'll just scream!! LOL. So tired atm. So yeah then we walked home and I had dinner and now I am talking to people and panicking about exams. Here are some pictures that I feel like right now, because I am very very bored. And after I'll go to bed ^_^

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