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Never Felt So Tired!

HELLO!!! Well today was good. In the morning I went to the library with Habbiba and tested ourselves on science. Then we walked to school around mid-day and revised some more with all the gang. Then went to our exam :o I found a lot less harder than some people were making out. Which on one hand worries me because maybe I should of found it hard. And then on the other hand it's good because I must of done ok then. Chemistry I did best, then Biology and Physics was my worst. I was so pleased with Chemistry because I got like the equations right - well I remembered how to do them which is one thing. So yeah, then the whole gang took a bus to town and I was in such an amazing mood. I just wanted to jump around and hug a lot of people. LOL. So yeah then I went to the library while all the others went to play hide and seek and then Ella and Hibo came up to meet me and I said hi and then we saw that everyone else was on a lower floor so I finished of some RE and geography revision and then packed up and went to join them. Then around 5.30 me and Ella walked back to school to have the America Meeting. So exciting, its put the whole thing into reality. But I don't think we are going to a beach!! :( Noooooo! But the hotels look really nice, and one has a lush pool. So exciting! Then me and my mum walked home and I was so tired and I just collapsed and ate a lot! =D Now I am writing and then I shall collapse on my bed and sleep ;D So tired! I have a day off tomorrow so I'll be in the library till 2.30 and then me and Ella are going to maths tutoring from 3-6.30 -.- Oh my... I am going to die, so tired. Ok well off now. Bye peeps X

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