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Never Too Old

Just remembered all the games I haven't played in ages. 

I am actually SO excited to start playing video games after the exams you have no idea. Like OMG so excited I am going to complete Harvest Moon. Complete Sims 2 and Sims 2 Pets, play Star Wars Battlefrontier like 24/7. Complete Pokemon Yellow, Soul Silver and Pearl. Buy Pokemon Black/White, buy Dragon Quest, complete Pokemon Explorers, um... OH YEAH, Complete both DS Zelda games, play Fire Emblem, OMG so much.... What else what else... HALO. Play them... Honestly now, you think I am lying, I am taking my DSi everywhere with me. I am just going to complete game after game after game. No lie... NINTENDOGS I complete forgot about that the dogs are probably dead... I'll start again on that... Fuck I want to play it now ¬ ¬ I HATE EXAMS...
I am so excited after this week ONE EXAM LEFT!!! HOLLAH. Ok well I need an early night, I have to wake up 6.30 tomorrow :'( Ok night X

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