Friday, 10 June 2011

Nails Nails What Can Ya Do?!

Ok this post is slightly inspired by Sara ♥'s Pretty Little Things she does these kinds of posts - but way way better!! Check her out xD Ok so today I was upset that I couldn't go out with my friends, or more that I decided not to, anyway, so I was not in the state of revising and anyone who knows me knows I am incapable of revising at home. So I looked down at my boring nails and decided to paint them. First I used this creamy pink colour from Claire's Cosmetics, and did three layers with it 

Yeah not that interesting, and then I realised it needed something else... Hmmm I wonder... So then I realised I have a nice brownish nail varnish that came from a big set of makeup so I don't really know the company... Ahha its called The Colour Workshop... So yeah and then I went and found a hair pin and decided to use the dotting technique LOL so here is the outcome:

TADAAAR I like, it is like as good as my nail painting skills will get! I like it, I really need to buy like top coat nail varnish, so it lasts longer, because at the moment my nails feel a bit vulnerable I also need to learn how to grow them.... Oh my! So yeah and here are the nail polishes I used:

LOL so that was my first nails post. I should try it again cos it was kind of fun. I NEED to get more pastel colours. 
:O I just realised I had a dream that I had multi coloured nails like one colour for each nail. But when I woke up I realised I didn't have interesting enough colours to do it with. I neeed to get more nail varnishes, honestly summer I am buying so much, and not shit claire's ones - because they are quite crap, but like... Barry M ones I like Barry M. So yeah. I shall toddle off now. Speak laters X

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