Monday, 20 June 2011

Pleasant Pastels ♥

I really like the background song on 4Music's Summer '11 advert. But I can't find the song name on You Tube D: Also remember the feeling? I CAN'T FIND THEM ON GROOVESHARK EITHER!!! Songs oh my. I think I am going to go find the VO5 advert song. Cos I like that. Literally played on Sims 2 Pets since I last spoke. Had my lunch around... Like 4? LOL I've lost all means of time! I should really revise for statistics. I can't relax properly its like nagging in the back of my head D: WHY!! Why do I have to take it!? Our teacher didn't even give us the option to take it... So annoying. I posted some photos of me and my cat yesterday up on facebook which I really liked so I am going to put them up on here too :) Here:

She looks so happy ^_^

Chunky the hamster ♥ Like my nails here :P

I love Crystals eyes here... SO BIG!! ♥

If you can see it - thats my very hench hamster ^_^ He does that like everyday....

One out of the two of my gerbils. It looks so cute here ♥
Naw ♥ I love my pets. The only one missing here is skippy D: It's cos he never comes to my room so I never take a photo of him with my DSi.

The weather is really crap today. - Raining - During the time I was downstairs I left my bedroom window open and the water fell through so I had to clean it all up :( 

Tomorrow um, my friends have a sociology exam and then I think I am going shopping for America afterwards with Ella ^_^ FINALLY!! We have been planning to for ages...

I really need a job.... I need to make a CV but I don't know how. When I ask people just say I should really big myself up, but what I just write an essay about how amazing I am? LOL. Easy but ya know ;) I am joking of course. Ok well... This post is over xD I need to revise stats anyway. YAY ¬_¬ Speak later maybe! X

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