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Shop Till You Drop!

Today was a very very good day! I loved it xD Met Ella in town around 11.30 and then met everyone else and gave Habbiba something she needed then we said goodbye to them and went shopping!! :D I got 1 outfit for America already - without the accessories or shoes - its like these shorts and then this top that's really nice, I know I gave you an amazing description there ;) I'll probs upload a picture when I can find the cable... So yeah. That cost £40... So that means I have £60 left? I need to buy a skirt and just some more tops. I found some that I liked but Ella said I could find better. And I found a nice top in H&M, but it's not really for America. I'll probably buy it if I have money left over. Bluh so tired! So then we also got some stuff for Ella, just like jeans and trainers. Oh My! We went to.... JD I think? Yeah and they had like these cool Nike shoes like the really big ones. And I thought oh I'll try some on for the sake of it. And ooh baby! I LIKE!! They were so cool!!! I want :B But they were like £45 which is good. But not good, because I don't have the money for them right now. But oh my I want them. I took a photo of them as well. But the bitch lady was rushing me, so I only took one photo. So yeah and then we went got some food in Macdonalds and went sit outside the castle and then we went and chilled in the library for a bit and Ella charged her phone lol. Then we went home. And I got home around 5!!

 This day went so slow - probably because its the Longest Day Of The Year today ^_^ So tired. I just finished hoovering my room and now I am chillaxing and I am going to watch Made In Chelsea now HOOLLAH!! Partying partying yah! 

Man I wish I had more money I would be shopping all the time. There are so many nice clothes I WANT THEM ALL!! America in 8 days >_< So excited! Doesn't even feel like it!!

Tomorrow I am doing Orange Wednesday with a bunch of friends and then on Thursday is our Non-Prom ^_^ SO EXCITED!! I think my dad is bringing home two Wii Remotes today for me to take! :) 

My sun burn is peeling now D: I was literally rolling of the skin this morning! It sounds gross but it doesn't hurt at all. LOL. At least now it's turned into a more settled tan... Cannot wait for the tan I'll get in America!! 

Speak later yall X

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