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Shopping Spree! ♥

Well today I went crazy shopping. As you do. And I thought I would do a bit of a fashion post, seeing as I have picked up some pretty awesome outfits. YAY ME ^_^ Ok here we go. 

Top - H&M Shorts - H&M
Bought the top today as soon as I got into town. The one thing I knew I wanted! I love this outfit. It's so laid back and I am thinking of wearing it the first day in America - In the aeroplane and coach. Probably as a PJ top too ;D

Top - Top Shop Cardigan - Wallis Jeans - Internacionale
Probably something I'll wear travelling in the UK, like to the airport and from the airport. Quite an old outfit and not too fussed about it tbh... :P

Top - Primark Shorts - Primark
Bought this literally just as I was heading to leave the shop! It's so cute and I love the shorts! I'll probably wear it on the sight seeing day or something like that... or maybe visiting a canyon. Who knows!

Top - Internacionale. Shorts - H&M
Something else I have just throw together. Just an idea of what I would wear over my bikini when I was heading from the hotel room to the pool. Nothing special. The bikini is not visable but it's from Peacock. :)

Top - New Look Shorts - H&M
I am loving this outfit! I think I will either wear this to Universal Studios or to the Grand Canyon. My only concern is that if I wear this and get wet in Universal Studios. The top will probably go see-through. We'll see :D 

Romper - New Look
Love this! It looks nicer in real life and it took me two times to decide whether to get it or not but I love it. It's so laid back and casual. Defiantly a best buy - but also one of the most expensive - £21.99!! But worth it :D 

Dress - Primark Cardigan - Willis
I have actually had this dress for a few months but only worn it on one or two occasions. It was originally bought for America, so even though its been worn a few times I thought what the heck I might as well use it for it's purpose. 
Skirt - H&M
I don't actually have a top to go with this just yet and I am planning to get one tomorrow. 
So thats only some of the stuff I got!! I also got a pair of sunglasses, a necklace and a ring - well technically I stole that ;O but ya know :P 

Tomorrow I need to buy loads more, but more accessories kind of stuff. Shoes, rings, um... yeah thats all I can think of right now. Gonna meet my baby gurls Ella and Pardis up in town around 10 and get cracking with the shopping. I have like £20 left! And that is literally ALL my money gone except for like a humongous tin of 20, 10 and 5p's. But tbh I cba.

LOL just poked my head out of my window and literally all my neighbours were on the street and stared at me, so I casually close the window again. LOL awkward as fock!! Anyway. So yeah... 

Had a statistics exam today... Don't really want to talk about. How should I explain it... "Meh" does the job! Honestly the only thing I care about now is that I AM FREEEEEEEEEE!! So happy. Tee Hee. 

So tired... I have literally been walking around all day! My hair has gotten so long now I LOVE IT. Three people complimented it today. Thanks babes you know whose you are ;) Ok I am literally shattered. So night! X

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  1. OMG! Please become a model these photos are just lush xoxo


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