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Snap Shots

Ella on the left and then me - wearing the outfit that I bought.

H&M top and shorts. I bought the shorts, but was uncertain about the top. But I really want a top like that.

THE SHOES!! They look better from the side when I am standing up. I love them! But they're too much money :'(

These are just the shoes shown better... I don't know why I am putting them up. Just thought I would show a better view. They look better in real life... ;)

The outfit from above again, just a slightly better picture - and you can see the back of it too in the mirror ^_^
YAY! The photo uploader is working now! So there are the photos ^^ They're no biggy but I am pleased they are up. There were also 2 other tops I wanted to get, one was a crop top - nice but a bit too plain and another was kind of like a jumper but it was a nice style and looked good with the shorts.

BTW, this is the jumper style top from H&M i was talking about - found out its on sale for £5 so I'll try it on again and probably buy it ^_^

Anyway. That was yesterday's news :D Today... The weather has been mainly lush but now it's starting to get really windy D: FML. By Sunday its going to be 24 degrees!! I am going to fry! So yeah. So today I took my time getting ready and then went into town to meet my friends outside the cinema. We chilled on the grass for a bit and waited for everyone to arrive then went in and watched Bridesmaids. So funny!! Its so dirty LOL. We laughed so hard. I think I enjoyed it more because all my friends were there!! Then after we just chilled outside the cinema some more. Took in the summer sun while it lasted and slowly one by one headed home. I got home around 5 and then I have been snacking and now I am going to look over my stats. Well I say that but.... We'll see ;) Oh I think I am going to upload some photos of me and my dog onto facebook now - I finally managed to take some! Ok well speak later X

Oooohshitisgoingdown >:P

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