Friday, 10 June 2011

Wanna See Where?

Some new features on my blog just to let yall know:

The love hearts are where people are currently viewing from, but for some reason I think the love heart that is showing at the moment is resembling views from the UK. So if you can't see a love heart on UK but where it is above, that's why! I also added another feature from the same website:
This lil bar thing does pretty much the same thing as the map, it just tells you how many people are viewing the page at the exact moment as you. :D Pretty cool huh. It's not like i'll get a lot but could be interesting :P Ait that's all I think... I really badly want a chinchilla, like so unbelievably badly. You know they live for like 15 years and can grow up to 10-15 inches long, thats like 30cm, and then the tail is like another 8cms!!! I so so so badly want one. Like D: I WANT ONE. I think I have made it pretty clear so I am just going to shut up and go now! X

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