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You Only Live Once

I think I owe yall a post ^_^ well yesterday was so much fun. Had the geography exam in the morning and then went to Starbucks and meet Habbiba, Pardis and Sayda and started sorting out summer plans. That reminds me I have to write them up... Meh. So yeah and then Ella came some time in the afternoon, and around 4 we left and played hide and seek in Saint Davids 2 <- fail xD then we saw some gangsters from our year getting in trouble. So we watched them be searched and stuff and then taken away. We were hoping to ask them what happened, but then they got walked away so we followed but soon lost them in Debenams. So then we wore these hilarious hats - like the big ones and tried on like the most hideous dressed we could find!! LMFAO! and then took loads of photos. Then we seen Pardis and said HI! And then we walked around Debenams a bit more. And LMFAO AHHHH IT WAS SO FUNNY. We went to the pajama section and Habbiba the mad lady kegged one of the manikins. LMFAO!!! I don't know why I find it so funny. She just did it so casually and then walked away. FUCKING HELL!!!! So fucking funny!! I was laughing so hard I couldn't actually breath. Oh my oh my. It was the funniest thing ever. Oh my flash backs. Its replaying in my head ♥ So then lol we got to the makeup section. And we were messing round with the manikins. And then one of us said something and then Habbiba goes Need a hand? And picks up one of the manikins hands which had fallen off. xD So then I stole it out the shop. And then we took in turns to put it up our sleeve and pretend it was our real hand. So then we left the shopping centre and went out in to the streets. And we were going HI to people and waving the fake hand!! The looks people gave us xD So then LOL. We decided to make Habbiba (who was wearing the hand) to go into MacDonalds and buy us a McFlurry... So with her real hand she ordered and then when she was given the change she put in the fake hand and held it out LOOOL. And the coin fell straight through. We were pissing ourselves. Fucking hell!! So then we headed home. ♥ OMG love these guys so much. Funniest people ever!!! 

People might find us weird but never say we don't know how to have a good time. So glad I have become closer to the people I have! They are honestly the most funniest people to be around! ♥ Too much love in the building ♥ 

So today I literally played on Pokemon Soul Silver most of the day and then had to go shopping with my mum. Oh joy... Bought an adapter for American plugs and like loads of sun lotion. 

Can't believe America is so soon 11 days now!! Doesn't feel like it at all. Love how there is so much for me to be excited for! At the moment I am excited for Aqsa's non prom and then sleeping over Ella's after!! and also SPICE ROOTS after Statistics exam - such a lush way to celebrate end of exams OFFICIALLY!!! And there will be countless food eating competitions. Last time it was jelly and ice cream eating competitions but you weren't allowed to use your hands!!! See we know how to have fun. 

You only life once ♥♥♥♥

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