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America Pt1

I am really not tired so I am going to get this dam post over and done with, but it's just going to make me more depressed because I am not there anymore and I really really really really want to be. Anyways, ok.

Day 1:
4AM waiting outside Cathays High School for the coach. A quick snap-shot to take up the time:

Don't we just look delightful, or more accuratly - incredibly tired/excited. We finally took our place on the coach and waved goodbye to our families and drove off to Heathrow. At Heathrow we quickly made our way through security and were on the plane around 9.35AM after some confusion over seating we were off and quite frankly the 10 hours felt more like 20. I watched around 2 and a 1/2 films, listened to 2 hours of music and tried not to puke as the plane experienced some very strong turbulence.

 There was a sigh of relief as we made our way of the plane and onto firm ground! Then we collected our bags and made our way to the coach.

Then we had something like a 4 hour drive to Las Vegas, which ended up being around 6 hours because of traffic problems.

Then we got to the hotel and eventually went to sleep.

Day 2:

After taking slightly longer than expected to get ready we rushed down some breakfast, packed our bags and headed to the coach.

Then we got taken into Central Las Vegas outside the Pink Flamingo Casino and were left to explore!

Then we headed back to the coach and on our way to Kanab, Utah!!

Then we were thrilled to find out we had plenty of time to go in the swimming pool! So we got into our bikini's and literally jumped in, and out, and in, and out!
Then we fell asleep eventually.

Day 3:

We left around 9 to head to Zion National Park. This day was so hot around 46° we took these buses round the park and stopped off at stops to walk up the mountains.

Then we headed back to the hotel. Went in the pool and then everyone decided to jam in one room. It was me, Ella, Pardis, Holly, Jamila, Katy and Elinor, Lucy, Tom B and Emma. And we sat around and played dares - not very interesting ones and then eventually went to bed in our own rooms. 

There are 6 more days to talk about, but I need more pictures for them. So here is the first 3 days for you :) More will come later X

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