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America Pt2

Day 4:

So today we got ready and headed to Bryce Canyon and took a lot of photos of the rocks, with the rocks and a few without the rocks :D

Then we headed back to Kanab and went to this Cowboy place for dinner. We had to do this whole funky play thing which you can view part of here and then we went back inside the resturant and had a meal of steak, potatoes and a whole bunch of yummy stuff.

Then we went back to the hotel and once again jumped in the pool. Then everyone chilled in Jamila's room again but then some shiz happened and I went into Tom's room and watched TV with a bunch of the boys, they have some crazy channels in America! Then everyone pilled into our room and we ended up playing cards and dares with me, Ella, Pardis, Jamila, Lucy, Emma, Josh, Fernando, Masolo, Andrew and Tom. Some funny-as dares xD Then all the girls left apart from Ella and Pardis - cos it was our room duh! And Josh and Fernando went back to there rooms and then Tom, Masolo and Andrew slept over.

Day 5:

In the morning we packed our bags and headed to the Grand Canyon, first we stopped off at some dam place.

Then we got to the Grand Canyon - finally and walked around and took some photos. 

Then a thunder storm started so we headed to our third hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona.

We also stopped by Route 66 and took some photos with the famous dude with the crazy tourist shop! Then we arrived at our hotel and found out the rooms were sooo lush!! And also that near by was a Wal-Mart! I badly needed to wash my hair so me, Holly and Jamila stayed while all the other girls went to Wal-Mart, we also ordered a mass amount of pizza because we were planning on all sleepover in our room again. So the girls went and I stayed and had a bath and wash my hair, then I was drying and the door rang so I shat myself and put on shorts and a bra and opened the door to collect the pizza, it was so cringy because I was literally half naked with my hair in a turbin while collecting the pizza, but then Josh and Masolo arrived and helped me take them and pay so I labelled them and got dressed. Then everyone else arrived and tucked in before we all decided to go back to Wal-Mart around 9.30PM! So we all left and wandered aimlessly around - well for me anyway. And I ended up having some freaky conversation with this man at the counter who was nice at first and you know just curious about where I was from blah de blah and then was like do you mind if I walk back with your group? And I was like erm no we are staying here for a while!! WTF!!! I didn't tell him which hotel we were staying at thank god, he asked and I was like erm the one round the corner... LOL. What a fucking freak so then me and some of the group went to sit down in some garden section of Wal-Mart and just talked. Then everyone else arrived so we tried leaving through the doors we came through but they were locked so we were like What the hell! So then it said on the door push to open in emegancy and I must of ignored the emergancy part cos me and Emma started pushing and it kind of came off its hinges and made a really loud clunking noise and everyone freaked out and ran out the other entrance LOL. Then we realised we were late back to the hotel - we had like a curfew. And when we arrived all the teachers were waiting for us and started saying that from now on no one could go out without a teacher and that they knew we stayed up last night having sleepovers. But some of the stuff the said we did we didn't!! So yeah so then everyone went to collect their pizza from our room and we just went to sleep :( 

Day 6:

This day was so boring. A whole day of travelling! I can't remember much of it, I was sleeping/sitting on my own for most of it while everyone was playing cards in the back. We had a few stops at some restraunts but they told us to have dinner at 6PM when we had been having it around 9PM on previous days, so we didn't really eat. Then we arrived at our last hotel in LA and went in the pool. Which was fun, me and Katy were doing some hillarious thing where she was in this yellow dongut thing and I would push her and it was just random laughs, then we went into a jacuzzi then I went out and threw this american football around with anyone who would catch it LOL. Then me and Ella really wanted to stay up, but no one ended up staying so we had a mosquito killing spree and then covered ourselves with insect repelant cos we got scared then went to sleep ;D 

The last 3 days of America will be coming shortly :D 
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