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America Pt3

If you haven't seen Part 1 or 2 yet click below to get to them :)
Make sure you read them before you read below :D 

Day 7:

So today we had to be ready by around 9AM again and then we all headed to the coach and went off to Hollywood! we went to this big arena place that I should really know the name of, but I don't so here's a photo ;D

Then we got back into the coach and literally round the corner was Universal Studios!! So we got out and decided a meeting point and then went off to explore! :D 

First we went on some freaking scary horror ride that you had to walk around which was even worse cos there were people chasing you!! Then we walked around a bit and everyone got tattoos :D Then we went on this Jarassic Park ride - so good and then went to get some food, then Tom, Masolo, Josh and Fernando said they were going on again, so I said I would come on with them, so I went on again - so much fun! Then we went on.... the Mummy Ride I think.... That was sooo good!! It was the best by far, it goes like kind of slow then really fast then it stops suddenly then goes really fast backwards. So good. We went on that like 3 times? Or 2 I can't remember xD Then we did a bunch of other stuff like... Oh we got characterchaws can't even spell it :P There's a photo of it above. Yeah and then we wandered around a bit more and got photos with all those lil cartoon characters and yeah thats about it... Then we headed to find somewhere to eat and then headed back to the hotel. Then we called people over and had about.... 9/10 people over - Me, Ella, Pardis, Jamila, Elinor, Tom, Masolo, Josh and Fernando and we played cards - I learnt a new game called Shit Head so fun!! And then we watched TV and might of attempted to play dares but I don't think we did... So yeah then we all got into bed and some of us went to sleep, Jamila and Elinor left and then yeah we went to sleep there was like 3 people in each bed and Ella on the floor, actually no there were 3 people in my bed (including me) and two in the other. LOL it was so funny Masolo was snoring and we were all just watching him and then he kept waking up and we would all just be staring at him xD 

Day 8: 

Then we woke up around 7.30ish and the boys left the room back to theirs and we eventually got ready, and went to see the Stars on the Floor and look more around LA, and guess what! WE SAW JENIFER ANISTON, I probably spelt her name wrong... I'll put a photo below, and we then drove out to some shopping area in LA and we went to loads of shops and I bought a few things from Forever 21, and then we all met back up and drove up to Venice Beach and took a lot of photos and then I paddled in the sea, but I lost my sunglasses in the sea :'( oh well... 

And then we headed to the airport :( For departure... I didn't do much, ate some ice cream, played some cards, bought a whole bunch of magazines.... 

Day 9:

The flight was ok. I got like 3 hours sleep, maybe less. Because there was some frigging baby that wouldn't shut the fuck up. It was crying for the whole flight I am not even joking ¬_¬ THE WHOLE FLIGHT! So yeah.... Then we got back to UK and got our luggage and OMG I tried the most funnest thing EVER! You know those things you put your suitcase's on so you don't have to carry them, well I had one and I sat on it and I got pushed round ^_^ It was so much fun!! But then he tipped it and I fell backwards and I got so scared xD yeah and then this lady who worked there said I had to get off.... But oh well. So yeah. Then we went onto a coach and drove back to Cardiff. 


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