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Good Times

Eating the last of my incredibly chewy and chocolaty and slightly burnt brownies... Not too bad! So today and yesterday have been very fun! Last night I had 2 hours of sleep - by choice ;D I persuaded a friend to stay awake with me and we basically talked from 9 till 4 and played on this website called Isketch - so much fun I totally recommend it! But my computer kept loosing signal and he kept bloody well beating me ¬_¬ ;D But it took away like 2.30 hours so can't complain. But then the guy staying up with me - Josh fell asleep and left me very vulnerable to also falling asleep, which I did some time around 4. 

So then I woke up some time around 7 and then fell asleep again till 9 and got ready and had breakfast and left to Albany Road to meet up with a few friends - Habbiba, Ella and Pardis to go view Habbiba's new flat!! After travelling to Llanishen and finally finding the house we went inside and checked it out, and omg! it is sooo nice, it has a kitchen and a bathroom and then like a huge room that would be used as a living room and bedroom. So then after Habbiba signed some forms and got her keys we headed to my house to get a measuring tape and then back up to her flat to measure how big the room is and stuff like that, then we took a bus back to Albany Road and then another to Newport Road and then went and ate in MacDonalds and then went to go find a flooring place, after eventually finding a cheap carpet and a place that did cheap surfacing we set a date for the floor to be done and then left, checked out some other places for oven and washing machine etc and then headed home. 

Tomorrow I have to go to the flat around 3 to open the door for the carpet dude who is going to measure it up again so that no mistakes are made. Habbiba gave me the key hehe so happy ;D 

So today was very gooood, but I am very tired. I just ordered some book from the library because I really need to get back into reading. And now I am gonna go munch on some pizza. x)

  • Lyfe is good :*

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