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One Day

So yesterday I was planning on having a nice chilled out - read for most of the day - day. I got my book from the library and just chilled. Then around 2 Ella called me and asked me to come over, just to talk or whatever, so in half an hour I was there at her house and I watched her do her make up.

Then she decided she would love to do mine. Like a funky tutorial thing - cos I had my camera, so then we did it...

And then we decided to cover our hands and arms in jewellery - every finger had a ring!! And take some funky photos xD

And then finally we decided to make some yummy enchiladas, so we filmed the process of making them - and I will hopefully eventually put it on here - and then EAT THEM!!! While watching finding Nemo <3

Tomato and Spices 
Frying Onions
Chicken mixed in something
Frying Chicken



Then around 8.30 we walked to my house and decided to take  my dog for a walk :3 So we went to the rec, but he kept running back to these group of people that had food ¬_¬ so we put him on the lead and walked along City Road and bumped into Hafsa and spoke for a bit. I think I am going to try and read a bit, speak laters XX

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