Saturday, 9 July 2011

Please Stay

Ok Ok Ok Ok.... Ok. So I am back from America and I honestly would do a post about it all now, but I am not in the mood and I really need to tidy my room - clothes everywhere! Ella is uploading photos now, and then once Pardis does her's and I do mine I'll make it, so make sure you get the best idea of how it looked <3 So happy right now. And sad at the same time. America was so much fun and met some amazing people. But at the same time I am sad :( <- sad face representing the sadness :P Because.... I don't know really I have some crazy mixed up feelings that I am uncertain about.... Too late now tho :\ I am ok :) So I Louise Lawrence promise you Random People a post about America.... Soon... Night X

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  1. I have no idea where to comment back so I'm just gonna put it here lol!

    I will try to update daily :D


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