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I know I just posted a post, but that was something I kind of needed to do. This week has been the boredom of my life.... Random I know. Mind you I did do a few things... On Monday I walked to Barry Island from Cardiff. I know, it's crazy. It was so fun though! And then we met up with some other people and messed around in the sea and I managed to get my arms sun-burned even though there was hardly any sun. Then we took the train back and I didn't have enough money and we had to explain to the ticket guy that we did in fact walk from Cardiff to Barry, although I doubt he believed us... Then yesterday HELP (Habbiba, Ella, Louise (me) and Pardis) went to go see Bad Teacher. So frigging funny xD, for orange Wednesday's, and then I had such a crap nights sleep last night. And now, I don't know if I should go to my brother's leavers concert or not.... It's at 2.30 and I don't really know the time now... I think it's 1.30. I might go... I'll feel mean otherwise. So now I have to decide what to wear... D: CBF! 
I hate it when things get on your nerves and even when you try so so so hard to ignore them, there still there. My head is so messed up right now. I have so much feelings inside me and I have no frigging idea what to do with them... There's nothing I can do really. Apart from complain about them.... Bluh. Good bye :)

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