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Time Waits For No One

Waw I really haven't spoken in a while O.O Sorry peeps. I have my excuses. Monday night I slept over Habbiba's new flat and then Tuesday... my internet went before I got to write a post and tonight here I am. 

Went to Spice Roots with Ella, Pardis and Habbiba and after saw Horrible Bosses in the cinema, its so so good!! I love it :B Nothing much has been happening... I think I am going Barry Island tomorrow with some friends, I also have my job in the morning D: Got to get used to it I suppose... Just watched Beaver Falls... It's so good!! Cannot wait for next episode ;D Nothing much to say :'( 

The weather is so hot at the moment... Well only in the 20's... but still!! Its nice, I got the chance to wear shorts for the first time since America and boy was it good ;) There are loads of flying ants around atm and they're literally in swarms everywhere like on ground level as well. D: Anyway I can't think of anything else to talk about so I shall speak to yall soon ;D Night X

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