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Ok I feel like writing cos I have nothing better to do and can't be arsed going to bed. 

This week has been very crazy!! On Monday I went with my friends to go view a flat my friend Habbiba is getting. We spent like a day there checking it out and planning how everything is going to look!! Then going to my house and grabbing a measuring tape then heading back to the flat and measuring stuff and then heading to Newport road and finding a carpet place and basically going back and forth sorting a bunch of stuff out! Then the next day we cleaned around the flat for a few hours and the carpet guy visited to sort out the prices and stuff, then on Wednesday me and Habbiba had the most mental day and took around 10 buses!! We went to Ikea and bought a bunch of furniture and then had to take it to the flat by bus, which took around 5 hours! Then we had to make the stuff with the confusing Ikea instructions!! LOL I was so tired when I finally got home some time around 9PM xD Then these last too days I have been chilling, sleeping, reading and eating apart from today I had to go on a walk to Castle Coch which wasn't too bad because we ended up taking a train to the castle instead of walking! But it was still so tiring, so I think I am going to bed now because I am knackered!! Nothing really interesting is happening tomorrow... On Sunday I might be going to some Newport's got talent thing in Tredegar House so that should be fun! And then on Monday Habbiba finally moves into her flat and we need to take another trip to Ikea YAAAY!! So that day should be great fun xD Ok well that's my update :D Night X

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