Friday, 15 July 2011


Well today I am having a lazy day, which to be honest is basically everyday at the moment. I was half planning to go to the cinema with a bunch of my friends to go see the final Harry Potter movie, but that relied on whether I could get money off my dad and also if I could wake up in time. I failed both. Which is strange because even though I was up till like 2 in the morning talking to a friend on facebook I managed to wake up around 7 and I didn't really feel tired. Unfortunately I forgot to get out of bed and that resulted in me falling back to sleep and waking up some time around 12, and even if I could of got ready in 15 minutes or planned to meet up later I still was without any money :( Oh woe is me... 

So today I have planned to... clean my room a bit because it is getting messy and I dislike that... maybe take the dog for a walk... That's like all I have to do anyway... I suppose I could play a video game but they get too boring after a while and I always end up getting stuck on them... So yeah.

I am actually really surprised about how little tired I am seeing as I stayed up so very very late - for me so shush ;) Its really not good seeing as I am hoping to start up a paper round at 8AM. 

I have an urge to make brownies... But it's more fun doing it with someone else... And by someone else I don't mean my brother... 

Ok well I guess I'll just put up with another boring day. Speak later probably ;D 

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