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oookey so today was my results day DUNDUNDUUUUU! And after my paper round I met up with my mum - yes she decided to come ¬_¬ - and then we headed to school. When a teacher became free I went over and they showed me my results, (8 B's, 5 C's and 2 D's) Here's it all broken down for yall:
Religious Studies (Short Course)
Art and Design (Coursework)
Additional Science
English Language
English Literature 
Religious Studies (Full Course)
Art and Design (Exam)

The paper they gave to us is soo confusing look I'll post a picture:

I mean like how confusing is all that O.O and that's only one page!! So yeah so then we realised that to do science in A-levels I need 2 B's, but I got one C, but I was told that I was reallly close to a B, like a few marks off, so then we went to see the teachers and asked like what does this mean and they were like blah blah oh you'll have to see Mr Birt, is there anything else you would consider taking I was like No. I am going to force them to let me take science for A-levels. And Mrs Leech was like ooh but its a big leap oh its a lot of work and I was like yeah I know that, but I want to take them and nothing else. I will take science a-levels, no one is going to stop me. I don't care if I have to write to the frigging exam boards I am taking science a-levels. LOL. So then we left. I got 2 A* in coursework - Science and geography, and one A in french ^_^ but I also got an F in Statistics coursework LOL. I guess I am really happy, I mean I passed :D I kind of wish I got at least one A... but I am glad I got them in coursework :P I don't know how to feel really xD I am just like yeah ok... LOL. I mean I kind of failed 3 exams - IT, Welsh, Statistics... IT I thought I would atleast get a C ¬_¬ same with Welsh cos I thought I got good coursework (but I was doing foundation I suppose and I did awful in the listening), statistics man I was predicting way worse! I was shocked I got a C in the exam!! But yeah so I guess I am happy. I think I will be more relieved once I know for sure I got my science a-levels sorted till then. I am just happy with what I got :P Ok. So yeah. That's it really... I should end this post now right :3 Speak later probably. I still have to do my topic of the day x) Till then CHOW.

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