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Day 1 (In West Wales)

Hey everyone I am in west wales ^_^
Yesterday I went to Cardiff's big weekend with a group of friends, I went on three rides: some crazy ass spinning, upside-down thing. Another crazy ass spinning upside-down ride, but it was slightly higher and a lot better. And finally the hamster ball :D :D I'll try and upload some of the photo's and videos when I get back home because I am using my DSi to write this. But OMG the hamster ball is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! I managed to persuade Summaya to come on with me and she was very grateful ;) It was so good - my friend Habbiba filmed it, so when she uploads it so long as your my friend on facebook, I'll post a link to it on here. But I'll put a bunch of photo's on here once I get back. So then after seeing some people we knew, we all headed to Chicken Cottage to get some food! Once we were full we returned to the area and by then the music had started so me, Habbiba and Pardis wiggled our way into the crowd and got a good spot somewhere in the middle and I was going crazy jumping to the music etc!! There were a bunch of people doing mosh pits too - they would run into each other for some crazy reason O.o I tried to avoud that... so then after a fireworks display around 10.30PM we started heading home and I got back around 11PM and then talked to a friend on facebook.

So today I have spent most of it in the car - my neck really hurts after sleeping in an awkward position :( But we made it to our cottage around 5PM and then me and my brother just chilled and watched tv and played with our dog.

I really wish there was a way to upload photos on my DSi... I guess you'll have to wait till I come back next Saturday :) Going to go now, speak tomorrow X

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