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Day 2

Well today I didn't really do much, I read quite a lot, played some badminton and that's about it! In the afternoon around 3 we all went for a walk down to the beach - there's a long road that takes you through a forest to get there. I found some ruins and decided to explore it - quite cool! Then we went to this field which had a bunch of sheep in and they all came over to see Skippy - my dog - Then after it started raining we headed back and came across a baby boar (dead) on the side of the road. So my dad decided to try to move it off the road and got a big stick to push it with, but when he tried to move he did more of a wack than a push and practically disassembled the boar across the road!! He managed to push the larger parts of the boar off the road but there was like a trail of fur and legs left on the road, not to mention the countless maggots and around several types of bettles! <- I know thats spelt wrong... or is it? I don't know it's to late -.-
And then later on sometime around 5 I went to this farm that usually has a bunch of donkeys in a field and so I went to check if they were there this year - they were. There were 4 donkeys and a horse. So I got some grass and called them over and the donkeys kind of freaked me out because they all ran over at once and the gate was open so they came out of their field and really close up, so then once they got used to me I went and walked around the field for a bit, it had a small lake in the middle of it and a jetty that you could go out and sit on so I went and the horse followed me for a bit and I saw some rabbits! So then around an hour later I left and had dinner and then watched How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, which was good and now I am in my bed and I am going to sleep.
Good Night

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