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Day 3 + 4

I just realised I forgot to write yesterday sorry peeps ;D
So yesterday was a pretty laid back day, read quite a lot and then some time in the afternoon walked down with my mum and the dog to the beach, then just chilled with some ice cream and then walked back. Didn't actually do that much... visited the horse and donkeys a few times and just sat with them and fed them grass. Meh, the weather was like dry but windy so the waves at the beach were really big.
Today, well I had some freaking weird dream where I woke up crying, but it wasn't scary or anything, just something happened in the dream that made me cry O.O LOL. So yeah I woke up around 9 and then took my time had a really nice bath and then went up to the horse and donkey field and sat on the jetty and read for like an hour or so there. The weather was a lot warmer than yesterday. Then after lunch, me, my dad and brother took the car to another beach (not the one by our cottage) and I went into the water with my body board cos the waves were really big and then read and slept on the beach till around 6, then we drove back and had dinner. The weather was so much better and it was still windy enough for big waves - the only downside was the freezing water, but it didn't really bother me after a while :D
So apparently there are like riots happening all over the UK cos some dude got shot by police. Frankly it seems in most cases like an excuse for people to damage stuff. I was watching a live feed last night around 9 and people were just setting building on fire and it was ridiculous!! People are so insensitive and complain about not being respected and feeling that this means they shouldn't respect back. But isn't that just putting themselves in a loop?! Most of the people causing the damage I doubt even have a true reason to do it apart from the fact they think they have an excuse to do it now. They're just going to get arrested and make police even more strict towards them. Its stupid and pathetic. I could go on but I am going to stop there. Grrrr.... Anyway so yeah that's the update.
Peace out yall

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