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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Ah maan I don't know what to review... Actually I think I know! But it's a bit pointless because everyone knows about it, but I'll do it anyway because I can't think of anything else to do.
So yesterday I finished ready Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets - because I decided to read all the Harry Potter books again. I really liked this book because its got like a little mystery to it and it really keeps you reading! It's basically Harry Potter's second year in Hogwarts and there is a suspicion that The Chamber Of Secrets has been opened, so there is speculation about who opened it and then they find out that Harry Potter can speak parseltongue or something like that where it basically means he can talk to snakes. And then there are loads of attacks on pupils and then Ron's sister gets taken into the Chamber of Secrets and Ron and Harry figure out where the entrance to it is and go and rescue her, but does all go to plan?! Will Ron and Harry make it out alive?! Will they save Ginny or is it too late?! Well obviously all goes to plan because there are another 5 or so books :P But I have genuinely really enjoyed reading the Harry Potter books again, because there is a lot in them that doesn't come up in the films. So yeah I defiantly recommend you to read them, because it is worth it!! 
So yeah that's my review. I know it was amazing x) 
Going on a massive shopping spree hopefully tomorrow so Monday's What's New?! Should be very jam packed!! Till tomorrow byeee X

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