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Newspaper Nail Art

Ok so for this week's tutorial I have decided to try out the newspaper nail design thing. Ok I am warning you now this might fail really badly. I am using this video to help me go through each stage. 
Ok so the lady said to paint your nails grey well, listen love I don't have a grey, so I am using a really light pink... dunno if it'll make a difference... hopefully not ;D 

Here's my funky looking nails
Then the lady says dip ur finger in some rubbing alcohol. Well I don't have any... so I figured I could try it with mouthwash. Because that has alcohol in it right? Well I dunno. 
Btw, I am writing this as I go along so I have no idea if this is going to work. It probably won't xD But atleast you get to know how not to do it... Ok anyway so she said to put it in for 5 seconds or something... so here I go x)

Dip Dip
Ok so then you have to get some newspaper and place the writing bit face down over your nail and then press it down and hold it for like 15 seconds. In the video she has white newspaper, but i have brownish newspaper... I dunno if it makes a difference, I don't see why it would O.O

Press Press
Ok and theeen you should peel it away to reveal....

Can you see it? No... Well I can... ¬_¬ Okey well shh that was my first go, lemme try the other fingers see if I can do any better...

Hey look see that's a better one... Still not very good... but ya know ;) I find that if on the other side of the writing is black the words come out a lot better. Now for the rest of the fingers :D

LOL. I did it... I can't actually believe I did it ^_^ I am so happy!! Even though it looks quite shit :P

Oh man... I just watched the video I linked above and she said make sure you apply a top coat to make sure the newspaper bits don't rub off... I accidently rubbed mine off... LOL. Ok... so the only proof that I actually managed to do these nails is in this post. :3 I advice you to buy a top coat polish before attempting this xD Damn why didn't I watch through the whole video first D: 
Ok so here's the summary:

Your going to need:

  • Grey/White/Cream Nail Varnish
  • Newspaper (Preferably White)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Or Mouthwash Containing Alcohol - If Your Lazy -)
  • Top Coat Polish - A Must!!
The stages:
  1. Do a few layers of the nail varnish - 1/2
  2. Soak your finger in the alcohol for 5 seconds
  3. Press the newspaper onto your finger for 15 seconds
  4. Peel away 
  5. Apply a top coat 
Done! So that's how to do it the right way and the slightly wrong/lazy way. I am off to buy some top coat polish now. Chow X

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