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Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Ok so on Wednesday I decided to take my brother to go see Rise Of the Planet Of The Apes, because he was telling me how much he really wanted to see it.
I was already highly anticipating this movie and I knew it was right up my street - yes I am an animal lover xD
The movie was absolutely amazing. The graphics and the way they portrayed the monkeys' emotions were astonishing, you could always understand if it was happy or sad and there was no confusion (for me anyway) over what was happening. The movie was very clever and had a great story line to it, it has funny, sad, and very powerful scenes in it, but they all come together to make an incredible film. You fall in love with the main monkey character almost at once, it's just the cutest thing ever!  By the end of the movie I was actually more on the monkeys' side than the humans! Through the action scenes - and yes there are quite a few - my heart was literally pounding against my chest! A really thrilling movie and I definitely recommend you to see it! I will surely see it again, either in the cinema or by buying it on DVD!
Incase any of you have been living in a cave for the last few weeks, or don't watch TV here is one of the trailers for the movie:


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