Monday, 22 August 2011

Skint Is Me

Ok so some or none of you may be wondering what I mean by What's New?! Well I had this idea that I could fill you in on any new items of whatever I may have. Whether it be a new book, dvd, game, item of clothing, accessory, stationary, ANYTHING! That I may of bought or borrowed in the last week. Soooo What's New?! 
On Monday I collected the second Harry Potter book (Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets) And then on... Wednesday I went to Paperchase and bought some new wrapping paper. Yaay. And that's all... I also bought some new dolly shoes because my other ones were falling apart :( And I think that is all... I know I didn't buy that much... And I probably won't buy that much this week as well... But next week!! There will be quite a lot hopefully because I'll be getting all my College stationary and stuff from paperchase... So yay :3 

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