Thursday, 25 August 2011

Up Up And Away

Aha ok! So I have figured out what to write about on a Thursday. So the topic is Browsing the Internet. So I thought that every Thursday I would tell you a bit about each bookmark I have :D Cos... those are the sites I most frequently go on. 
Here's a list of them so you know what your in store for:

Ok so I will go along the list and give you a brief something or other about each site. :D 

So today is... Blogger :3 YAY! This is what an average session on blogger is like:

This is what the dashboard looks like! 
So I usually go straight into writing my post of the day and this is what it looks like:

So it's all pretty straight forward. It allows you to tag things, make the post scheduled, and there's loads of crazy features to spice up your post. 
See then once I have written the post I usually publish it and then read it off my blog to make sure everything looks ok and people can understand it well enough. 
Theen I usually head back to my dashboard and check out what the people I am following have written lately:

Oooh look a new post to read xD
So then if there's anything new I usually read it (if your interested in the blog that I have used as an example >>click here<< ) That's just one of the many blogs I follow :P. So I guess that's pretty much all I do on blogger... Yeah that's it xD Byeee

Sorry this is kind of random but I just really wanted to post this picture of the sky yesterday:

Haw it's so pretty ^-^

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