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Water Marble Nails

Hey yall! Today is a tutorial and once again I have decided to do it on nails... Ok so today I am trying out Water Marble Nails. These are the nail polishes you'll need (roughly) 

  • a top coat polish
  • a base coat - preferably white but I used a creamy pink
  • and 2 or 3 colours of your choice; I chose Lemon Ice Cream and Berry Ice Cream by Barry M and some pinkesh colour from The Make-up Collection
(From left) Lemon Ice Cream, Berry Ice Cream, Light Pink (Base Coat), Darkesh Pink, Top Coat
So first of all you should put your base coat on and then wait for it to dry.
Okey then you'll need to cut up a bunch of little strips of sellotape, you'll need 3 strips for each finger. Place one on either side of your nail and then one below, this helps stop the polish from staining your skin. 
Then, well actually before. Ok -.- Let me start again... This is what your going to need apart from the nail polish cos I have already shown you that:
  • A needle (or toothpick)
  • cotton buds - lots
  • tissue
  • a cup/bowl of water (temperature doesn't really matter but I found that cold water works pretty well
  • nail polish remover
ok I think that's all... 

Ok so once you have your finger sellotaped up then get your first colour of choice and hold it over the bowl of water and let a drop fall into the water - don't hold the brush too high or the polish will not spread on the surface - ok then you should see the polish spread around the surface of the bowl. Then get your second colour and let a drop fall into the middle of your first colour and then do the same with your third colour. Then you can go do it again so that you have 6 rings of colours. (Each colour twice) I wouldn't recommend you doing more that two rings unless your using fake nails because otherwise the colours get too crammed. 

So then get your needle or toothpick and do a swirl or line or whatever you want so that the colours become more compact and so that it shows some kind of design.

Then choose where you want to place your nail and the dunk your nail over the polish and make sure your nail is under the water. 

You can then swish your finger slightly - that will help get rid of air bubbles and also blow on the remaining nail polish still on the surface of the water. Once you see it start to dry - it'll look a bit like the skin on top of milk when you've over boiled it - then get your cotton bud and swab up the nail polish around your nail (that should still be under the water) so that there is no polish left on the surface of the water. 

Then once you have done that you can bring up your finger out of the water and the design should be on your nail. 

Blow on your nail for a while so there are no water drips and then begin to remove the sellotape from your finger, try not to let the sellotape touch the nail or it could smudge! And then it should reveal your nail looking pretty awesome!

So yeah once you have removed the sellotape just go round the edges of your nail - or wherever you have got some nail polish on your skin - with a cotton bud and some nail polish remover. 

And basically repeat for every single nail. I screwed up like twice... and had to do it again, but I got some pretty cool designs :D 

Here are a few photos of my outcome: 

Tadaaaaa!! Some of them look pretty cool especially the once that's almost all yellow apart from that little line in it :D yay!! It's really fun to do and kind of easy... well I mean I managed to do it ;) So yeah its so much fun and you can try it with so many colours and the outcome is never the same. So yeah I have just shown you how to do Water Marble Nails YAY! I hope that it made sense and that you did great.... if not just watch a video on youtube that'll just tell you how to do it.. probably better but anyways.... byeee!! 

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