Sunday, 14 August 2011

West Wales 2011

Hi! I realised half way through my holiday that instead of doing separate posts about West Wales, I could just do one big one with photos :L silly me. Ok so here it is:

Day 1: Um.... We arrived and chilled, I think. LOL good fun ^_^

Day 2: On this day all my family walked down to the nearby beach (Cwmtydu) and then sat around and then turned back and then I went up to this farm that had 4 donkeys and a horse so I called them over so they were behind a fence, but then I realised the gate was open so they came round to me and it was very overwhelming O.O

Day 3: My dad and brother decided to take the car to a beach called Mwnt, while me and my mum walked down to Cwmtydu again with my dog, and we chilled and had some ice cream. Then I came back and visited the farm with my brother and we took a few photos so here they are :3 

Day 4: In the morning I went to the farm and sat on a jetty over the lake and read for a bit because the weather was good. Then in the afternoon me, my dad and my brother went to Mwnt and I went into the sea O.O It was soooooo cold!! But the waves were really big and I had a body-board with me so it was fun, but it only reminded me how I really really need to learn how to surf D: Oh weeeell...

Day 5: Today the weather was quite crap. Me, my brother and my dad went to Cardigan - like the closest town xD Explored a few shops and bought a few books from this cute little antique store :D 

Day 6: This day... hmmm, I think we just went to Cwmtydu and sat around... oh yeah! me and my mum saved a grasshopper xD ooh and we found this cute little baby frog in our garden <3 it was so small!! I want a frog now :3 LOL yeah so nothing major really happened, just read and played in the garden on the swings xD

Day 7: Around mid-day we went to the butterfly centre - like this rainforest place that has loads of tropical butterfly's and red leaf cutter ants :O so scary their like huuuuuuuge!! So here's some photos anyways:


Day 8: This day we were going home, so in the morning there was a last minute tidy and then we left the cottage around 10AM and headed on our way to this Animal Park we visit every year, here are some photos from it:

The Llama that spat on my hand ¬_¬

Then we headed off and on our way back to Cardiff and got there around 5PM :D 
So that was my holiday byeee X

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