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Beaver Falls

Ok so today I am reviewing something or other. And since Beaver Falls just finished on... Wednesday I thought I would review that yay! So there has been 6 episode's in total - I know not enough right :'( and it's basically about these 3 British boys who go to America to work in a summer camp. Barry - who is like chasing after this girl who is way out of his league, A-rab - who is getting over this girl who rejected his proposal, and Flynn - who is basically doing everyone, but has a very shocking secret.. ooooh! And they are stuck with the "fat kids" of the camp and promised to make them popular or whatever, and basically the series shows everything that happens during the summer right up to the point its over - obviously. 
And it is sooo good!!! I love it so much and I am really sad it is over :( But if you haven't watched it yet, you can watch it on Youtube and on 4oD and here is a little trailer for the first episode just to sway you into watching it :3

So yeah.. It's good, watch it and I have to go now because 90210 is on :D Byee xx

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